Are you interested in selling your items to Round 2 Kids? Please review our buying policies below before bringing any items in. We have 2 payout options: cash (under $20) or check (over $20) for your items or receive more in store credit, good for up to 1 year.  Round 2 Kids pays 30%- 60% for the items we take in.  Please bring your items in a bin, laundry basket or box. Bags are not accepted. We will look all seasons of clothing all year round.

~We accept items each day that we are open on a first come first serve basis. During busy drop off times, please allow up to 24 hours for us to process your order.  

~We currently purchase gently loved cloth diapers. We will pay up to 70% based on age and condition of the diaper.    *Additional details in store*

~Items we DO NOT accept: carseats, broken toys, items that do not work, clothing with rips, stains, pilling, etc., unwashed clothing and recalled items. 

~Items we DO accept: Children's clothing in excellent condition- sizes preemie to 14/16 boys and girls. We accept equipment such as high chairs, pack-n-plays, booster seats, strollers, exersaucers, cribs and outdoor gear. We also accept, toys, shoes, specialty items, changing tables, rocking chairs, etc. All equipment must be 5 years  or newer.

**Items not accepted for resale should be picked up within 48 hours, if left over 48 hours the items will become property of Round 2 Kids and they will be donated to a local center.**

Round 2 Kids Buying Policy: 
~Clothes: must be laundered, free of odors, stains, tears, and fading. Items must contain all buttons, snaps, and zippers. Items must be delivered in bins, laundry baskets,                    or boxes. We will not accept any items in trash bags. 
~Shoes: need to be clean, minimal wear, and contain all laces and/or ties intact.
~Toys: must be clean, in working order, contain all working parts and batteries if applicable.
~Movies: must be in original box/case, no scratches.
~Games: must be clean, contain all pieces/parts, include working batteries where applicable and instructions.
~Equipment: must be clean, include all parts, working batteries if applicable, needs to be 5 years or newer. Must meet current standards. 
~Cloth Diapers: We will purchase used cloth diapers that are in excellent used condition. The amount we offer is based on current resale value and condition. Please                                      contact us for further information. 

Return Policy: We will be happy to accept returns within 7 days of purchase with original Round 2 Kids tags and sales receipt. You may purchase another item or receive store credit for a future purchase. All sales are final on toys, equipment & New in Package items.

Selling your items to us: